Tuesday, 16 August 2011



My name is Andrew Walker and I am an economist interested in health technology assessment, especially the evaluation of new medicines.  I work at Glasgow University but my main role is as an economics reviewer for the Scottish Medicines Consortium.  THE VIEWS ON THIS BLOG ARE MY OWN and they should not be thought of as SMC policy (the clue is in the title of the blog).  SMC know my views on most things (as if they have a choice!) but my main concern has been that I respect the confidentiality undertaking all committee members and reviewers sign - my comments relate only to general methods issues or guidance published on the SMC website.
My aims are to promote discussion and understanding, and occasionally to entertain. But mainly its a collection of my neuroses and anxieties.  Despite this please feel free to comment, either on the website or by e-mailing me andrew.walker@glasgow.ac.uk.

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